RED MEAT carnivores would dig this dirty dish from the secret files of max cannon
I love science and technology fairs, like the one I went to this Sunday...What a way to spend a day or an afternoon....
Odorless Falafel Burger makers....automatic, SOLAR POWERED cigarette rolling name it, they've got it...and it's probably powered by something OTHER THAN standard electric...A lawn mower that runs on aluminum....a Build-Your-Own Vacation machine that puts YOU, and your kids, in the foreground of someone else's nightmare...Errrr...hotel and experiences, through the magic of technology. Looks real!
Plus you can get souveniers to go with your package of choice....Who's gonna know? I paid for two weeks in Tokyo AND a tour of Neverland, the old home of Michael Jackson, before he got a new one.... Plus I got 2 free tickets to Children of the Corn LIVE, this weekend....for purchasing a vacation package on the cheap. Check it wit' yo mama, girl...I guess they incorporated some singing and dancing and turned it into a musical....
2019-02-04 16:13:13( Cock-a-doody

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