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1.041.58Loose Goo on the LooPreloggy
1.011.17The Habbit: High and Back AgainThe Light In Chains
0.690.99Melanoma on the Skin of His TeethPreloggy
0.591.03Driving with an expired license to killTorgo
0.490.90Panama C AnalPreloggy
0.490.70Enter the Dragon from BehindPreloggy
0.451.29I ain't a ghost of no FreudThe Hanged Man
0.431.39Leaves Falling on the MuckrakersPreloggy
0.330.70Bung Hole In OnePreloggy
0.320.45Et Tu Bootycall?Preloggy
0.251.03Tear in your BearPreloggy
0.241.05Gets the Hose AgainPreloggy
0.221.58Loner with a BonerPreloggy
0.210.64Cat 'O' Borgnine TailsPreloggy
0.200.69Flatulent Earth SocietyPreloggy
0.141.15love in a time of food poisoningTorgo
0.090.58Banana Split Personality Riff on #8741opus
0.000.83Spring-Loaded Can of Despair bongthegong
-0.020.93The inevitable return of garden weaselsThe Hanged Man
-0.071.05Me and My Derrick Are in an OPEC Relationship bongthegong
-0.101.07Back in the JocksPreloggy
-0.120.97Suicidal Porn Stars are Well HungPreloggy
-0.250.50Fool for the TittyPreloggy
-0.321.22mock war in the sock drawerVitamin X
-0.371.59Raking BradPreloggy
-0.380.86Sucking on the Teat of MeatPreloggy
-0.431.11Breaking Bad Case of Loving YouPreloggy
-0.440.49Pulling the Rug Out From Carpet BombsPreloggy
-0.470.47Styrofoam Plantation ConnectionAfgncaap
-0.520.94bloddy birdbath of babylon bongthegong

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