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0.530.50the tiny hands of big brotherTorgo
-0.460.83The bouyant hopes of the damnedZeener Diode
-1.620.75long live laryngitis bongthegong
0.500.83Pudding on the Ritztherandomthink
-0.260.49The Temp-hole of Doomtherandomthink
-0.460.47A plague on wordsInteresting Steve
0.040.58Aphex twineInteresting Steve
-0.961.49Cuckoo Clock Bomb IranPreloggy
-0.211.05Trump the Rump BumpPreloggy
-0.381.41gettin' the band back togetherTorgo
-0.071.27ralph bellamy saluteVitamin X
-0.280.67Styrofoam Plantation ConnectionAfgncaap
-0.741.45i'm meow meow henrietta lollipopAfgncaap
-1.311.00Kaiser Wilhelm Screammarmelmm
-0.370.68Pulling the Rug Out From Carpet BombsPreloggy
-0.651.05give a hand for no ply toilet paperNuke-Marine
-0.711.60Whip It, GodPreloggy
0.341.11Gets the Hose AgainPreloggy
-0.651.12bloddy birdbath of babylon bongthegong
-1.031.30Duck Die NastyPreloggy
-0.171.55Raking BradPreloggy
-0.020.82The inevitable return of garden weaselsThe Hanged Man
0.540.78Panama C AnalPreloggy
0.141.54Loner with a BonerPreloggy
-0.321.22mock war in the sock drawerVitamin X
0.931.56Loose Goo on the LooPreloggy
0.011.07Back in the JocksPreloggy
0.280.87Flatulent Earth SocietyPreloggy
-0.050.99Fool for the TittyPreloggy
0.141.07love in a time of food poisoningTorgo

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