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-0.231.33Homage to FromagePreloggy
-0.011.61Don't Go Breaking My HeartburnPreloggy
0.161.41Filler Up with High OctanePreloggy
-0.171.71Light the Trip FantasticPreloggy
0.321.52Business as Usual SuspectsPreloggy
-0.201.31haitosis and neurosesPreloggy
0.431.14gizzards, gadzooks and gadfliesPreloggy
0.491.45non nuclear family proliferation treatyPreloggy
0.251.34spoon swoon moon june goonPreloggy
0.321.26testicular fortitude for the dudePreloggy
0.501.62bogus bovines beware balloonsPreloggy
0.091.21inexpensive soy extender from s. koreaPreloggy
0.321.30phlegm coating and chewy wafersPreloggy
-0.131.43bladder control freaksPreloggy
0.071.27doleful doledrums dasterdly deedsPreloggy
-0.191.44blatent, latent and impotentPreloggy
0.161.44balderdash and cookie doughPreloggy
0.701.56pipe bomb dreamsPreloggy
0.141.50gelatin in your arterial wallPreloggy
0.901.42lower mental casePreloggy
-0.281.52masticating on your meat farmPreloggy
-0.191.18stained presidential cabinetPreloggy
-0.241.32malignant, greasy tumors in your colonPreloggy
0.421.23crankase full of sheep dipPreloggy
-0.221.32flaccid cheese sauce on your tacoPreloggy
-0.241.22itchy fingers on the goPreloggy
0.221.42bag lady on your manicured lawnPreloggy
0.240.95doctor in the house of pancakesPreloggy
0.381.47sleazy weasles catch the measlesPreloggy
-0.301.39tokyo cheese nipsPreloggy
0.191.38tepid pool of your own filthPreloggy
-0.301.43all your freebase belong to gusPreloggy
-0.181.34submitted for your approvalPreloggy
0.351.05crouching kitten, hidden meaningPreloggy
-0.691.41marvel my assPreloggy
-0.501.23e pluribus eunichPreloggy
-0.181.62dot compostPreloggy
0.031.12tips for teensPreloggy
0.141.43warm cream on your overcoatPreloggy
-0.091.59cheese with your industrial disesePreloggy
0.181.10itchy tush, smelly fingersPreloggy
0.521.45flipping the bird, fantastic (spellcheck)Preloggy
0.320.93squatting on linoleumPreloggy
0.091.82the vacuous veins of villianyPreloggy
-0.221.80left my religion in my other pantsPreloggy
0.221.22speed bumps in your underwearPreloggy
0.151.17plop, plop, fizz, whizPreloggy
-0.051.33days of future gas passedPreloggy
-0.301.21big man on compassPreloggy
0.271.44drop your goo on the looPreloggy
0.271.12pickled midgets campaigning for tooth carePreloggy
-0.261.63gloating over Kosher gonadsPreloggy
-0.031.14a pot of lips nowPreloggy
0.351.15empty gravy boatsPreloggy
-0.361.29pulling muscles from MichellePreloggy
-0.381.15converting to the preachedPreloggy
-0.111.38spam on the lamPreloggy
-0.351.27pop tarts for your blowholePreloggy
-0.231.34pitch a little woo, low and outsidePreloggy
-0.401.30links on your e-motionsPreloggy
0.261.22fry the fanny for your nannyPreloggy
-0.201.36I know you are, but what am I?Preloggy
-0.180.88walking erectPreloggy
-0.141.57give me a desk jobPreloggy
0.011.54A clone again, naturallyPreloggy
0.161.42Peek a Boo! Part twoPreloggy
-0.091.12TV be thy GuidePreloggy
-0.131.23Parasites beats two pairPreloggy
-0.121.25flowers for algebraPreloggy
-0.111.32armpit gravyPreloggy
0.411.30Never Rub Another Man's RhubarbPreloggy
-0.241.73I've gotta take a Cheese WhizPreloggy
-0.090.96Rocky and KabulwinklePreloggy
0.631.06If Ella Fitzgerald married Darth VaderPreloggy
0.231.02defunct debauchery (Preloggy Edit)Preloggy
0.411.02I Can't Believe It's Not ButtocksPreloggy
-0.100.94Deck the Halls with Santa's BallsPreloggy
0.761.42Leggo My EgoPreloggy
-0.081.34Tobey or not Tobey MaguirePreloggy
0.261.08Lord of the Nipple ringsPreloggy
-0.151.56The Fountain HidPreloggy
-0.291.41He shoots, he scarsPreloggy
0.011.58No comprende the endePreloggy
-0.251.45A Mootiful BindPreloggy
0.471.37Ventriloquism for DummiesPreloggy
0.071.06No Brainers Give Me HeadachesPreloggy
-0.101.43Flummox the lummoxPreloggy
-0.021.23U2 can be annoyingPreloggy
-0.031.00Underwater joint - a Scooby DoobiePreloggy
-0.041.43What hump?Preloggy
-0.171.04The Easter Rabbi eats porkPreloggy
0.471.07no parking in the white zonePreloggy
-0.261.32I'm gonna git you sucka born every minutePreloggy
0.361.00Nam Daed No Em NrutPreloggy
0.240.91River Deep, Mountain Wide, Fire GoodPreloggy
0.871.89Oblivious to the ObviousPreloggy
-0.221.45Spunk your Man KeyPreloggy
-0.201.43The Road to Attrition Keeps Getting SmallerPreloggy
0.131.34Jack Spratt is on the Atkins DietPreloggy
-0.081.60My Nose Runs. My Feet Smell. I'm Built Backwards.Preloggy
0.351.83Z Score Heading South AgainPreloggy
-0.171.98Insane for Bob CranePreloggy
0.051.38Bang the Drum Majorette SlowlyPreloggy
0.351.21100 Million to Make Pluto Nash. 4.3 Million Return. There Goes My 401Preloggy
0.111.27A Nice PearPreloggy
-0.141.24Prioritizing My Top Ten ListPreloggy
0.401.14Hairway to Steven (used without permission)Preloggy
0.411.17Giving Out Sausages for Halloween is Not KosherPreloggy
-0.021.31Call Me Archeologist - My Career Lies in RuinsPreloggy
0.121.16Swimmin' with Bow-legged WomenPreloggy
0.101.41Hard on the BeaverPreloggy
0.181.46Viagra - Here I Come to Save the LayPreloggy
-0.221.58Adam's Ribbed for Her PleasurePreloggy
0.151.17One Hits the Boy WonderPreloggy
0.161.35Historic Terrorism - Blast from the PastPreloggy
0.121.05L. Ron Hubbard Went to His Cubbard to Get John Travolta a BonePreloggy
-0.061.29Bad Plastic Surgeon? Meet the Botoxic AvengerPreloggy
0.521.33Stumping for BushPreloggy
0.041.31Christmas Sitcom - Mad About JewPreloggy
-0.131.19Red Meat Survivior - Just Vote Me Off the Web Site!Preloggy
0.061.28Sue Me - I Ain't Deleting!Preloggy
1.001.85Daring Computer Guy - Works Without an InternetPreloggy
0.201.00Best Day for a Parade - March 4thPreloggy
0.101.33Incognito We TrustPreloggy
0.341.00Genuine Copy of a Fake StripPreloggy
-0.181.56Moving In to the Upper Floor of My Inferiority DuplexPreloggy
0.431.55Silly Wabbit. Matrix Aren't For KidsPreloggy
0.611.23You Say Goodbye, and I say Oh Hell!Preloggy
0.271.30Rumsfeld and CokePreloggy
0.521.15He Murdered Her for Her Bad Breath - Hence the Scopes TrialPreloggy
0.671.05Today's #1 Hit - Power to the PeoplePreloggy
0.211.44My Conscience is Sick. I Must Be Fluid.Preloggy
-0.441.26Insane Clown PussyPreloggy
-0.151.18Spice Up Your Love Life by Fishing for CondimentsPreloggy
-0.191.05Kobe Bryant - the Cure for Jock BitchPreloggy
-0.251.07Create a Comic and Spy on Your LoverPreloggy
0.701.40You Hate My Tag, and My Strip. Guess I'm Old and Not Too HipPreloggy
-0.151.15Playing With the Dead Man's BallsPreloggy
-0.291.29I'll Procrastinate LaterPreloggy
-0.321.24If at First You Don't Suck Seed, You'll Make A Lousy HookerPreloggy
-0.241.21Flouride in Your Cavity SearchPreloggy
-0.251.25Limbaugh - What a Rush!Preloggy
0.031.32Starbucks Porn - Cream in Your CoffeePreloggy
0.191.29For Once - Give Me Completely Hydrogenated Cottonseed OilPreloggy
-0.191.19George Bush and the Blair Bitch ProjectPreloggy
-0.481.77Shakespeare + Fast Food = MacBethPreloggy
-0.390.96One Hit and Run WonderPreloggy
-0.361.05Bob Cratchit Sould Have Joined a UnionPreloggy
-0.181.31All I Want for Christmas is a Plus Z-ScorePreloggy
0.081.18Win in Iraq or We Won't Get Fueled AgainPreloggy
0.631.44Figgy Pop PuddingPreloggy
-0.161.08Blue Comic - Eddie SmurphyPreloggy
0.031.23Scat Man for OthersPreloggy
-0.351.21Jimmy Cracked Corn and I Don't Have MedicarePreloggy
-0.551.40Nuclear Test Ban Roll-OnPreloggy
-0.401.29My Mail Order Bride Plays Chess. She's a Czech MatePreloggy
-0.181.45No Nookie in the NorthPreloggy
-0.171.07Didn't I Blow Your Mind? Bad 69!Preloggy
-0.111.01I Could've Had a G 8Preloggy
-0.221.15Sigourney Dream WeaverPreloggy
0.220.91Doctor Barbie - Plastic SurgeonPreloggy
-0.161.08Four Score . . .Lucky BastardsPreloggy
-0.091.08Naked Mexican Immigrants - Balls to the WallPreloggy
0.271.62And They Call Breaking Wind Mariah CareyPreloggy
-0.120.90Drillers are Always BoringPreloggy
0.050.91Vuying for BowelsPreloggy
-0.381.43Baby Asylum - Birth DefectionsPreloggy
0.061.15I Gave at the OraficePreloggy
-0.180.95Implants for Flat FeesPreloggy
-0.460.98Set Taser on FunPreloggy
0.801.17Suicide Jumpers Leave a Lasting ImpressionPreloggy
-0.021.20Handicapped People's Excuses are LamePreloggy
0.051.34Fortune Tellers are so PredictablePreloggy
0.581.02Barbie Needs a Plastic SurgeonPreloggy
-0.181.38Ass Kissers are Bottom FeedersPreloggy
0.250.93Giving Girls Test TicklesPreloggy
-0.161.10I'd Give an Arm and a Leg to Be a ParaplegicPreloggy
-0.371.37Taglines Are Funnier Than They AppearPreloggy
-0.281.15Transexuals are a Genital AssemblyPreloggy
0.291.30International Balistic Missle ToePreloggy
-0.301.26My P's and Q's Don't MindPreloggy
0.061.08Bipolar Bears Don't Know if They're Coming or GoingPreloggy
-0.341.16Performing the Heimlich on Choking ChickensPreloggy
-0.361.21Mother's Little WhelperPreloggy
0.511.22Sickle Cell Anemia ElmoPreloggy
-0.491.21Tropic of Prostate CancerPreloggy
-0.420.91Office DespotPreloggy
-0.181.47Blocking Spam While on the LamPreloggy
0.061.36Catherine Yadda Yadda Yadda JonesPreloggy
0.001.04Groundswell or Hubub?Preloggy
-0.311.31Sonic the Hedge FundPreloggy
-0.331.40Sinkhole In Your StinkholePreloggy
0.121.37Atom and Eve BombPreloggy
-0.080.93Seasons BeatingsPreloggy
-0.151.15A Bout de Souffle is AsthmaticPreloggy
0.081.56Mace the NationPreloggy
-0.130.73Ho Ho Ho Chi MinPreloggy
0.180.85Michael Vick has a Cell PhonePreloggy
-0.140.94Fart in the WombPreloggy
-0.230.91Isle Of LucyPreloggy
-0.261.32Steroids to HeavenPreloggy
0.091.18Hetero Toilets are Straight FlushesPreloggy
-0.360.70Upper G.I. JoePreloggy
-0.201.18You Can Call Me Al QaedaPreloggy
0.671.30Mission of Burma ShavePreloggy
-0.111.17No Pussy for Old MenPreloggy
0.591.35Obama Where Art Thou?Preloggy
-0.100.81Hobo S&M is VagabondagePreloggy
0.250.93Marie Antoinette Gives Good HeadPreloggy
0.010.88Flatulence BrokePreloggy
-0.171.11Beating the MeetingPreloggy
-0.261.32Emetic for the HereticPreloggy
-0.361.04It's Not the Heat, It's the StupidityPreloggy
-0.602.75Mo Meta BluesPreloggy
-0.071.13Poison Ivy LeaguePreloggy
-0.200.76Celtic Pride and PrejudicePreloggy
0.310.89Meat is MurderPreloggy
-0.051.15Find Me an Idiot Who Doesn't BlitherPreloggy
-0.051.00Get Up and GitmoPreloggy
-0.251.30Slimy Toads in Your Tighty WhitysPreloggy
-0.281.45Safe Sex + Good Breath = Condom MintsPreloggy
-0.321.62Lubing Popeye's Penis with Olive OylPreloggy
0.371.46Grand Theft Otto PremingerPreloggy
-0.081.01Fruits and Nuts on the Campaign Trail MixPreloggy
-0.130.92Guantanamo Betta BluesPreloggy
-0.051.33Sooeycide is PiglessPreloggy
-0.260.82Criminalks with a Skin Disease - Leper ConsPreloggy
0.011.01Licking a PlatypussyPreloggy
-0.080.93Flaws in the OintmentPreloggy
-0.231.12Removing Your AlgebraPreloggy
-0.391.32Floundering with a FlounderPreloggy
0.051.87Mensa CyclePreloggy
-0.140.99Dog Day Afternoon DelightPreloggy
-0.190.72Blogged ArteriesPreloggy
-0.230.88Pop an Ass in Your Cap TwoPreloggy
0.461.00Rectal Meat ThermometerPreloggy
-0.201.22Diddler On the RoofPreloggy
-0.281.15Is There A Doctor in the House of Pancakes?Preloggy
-0.051.03Knights in White Satin PantiesPreloggy
0.141.06Toothy SpookPreloggy
0.490.82Throbbing Gristle On Your MisslePreloggy
0.051.52Soggy Waffles in Your UnderroosPreloggy
-0.260.78Swine Flu Over the Cukoo's NestPreloggy
0.171.04Fat Boy Breathing in Short PantsPreloggy
0.510.75Pubic OptionPreloggy
0.371.11Girls Gone Wild at HeartPreloggy
0.251.04Shock the MoonpiePreloggy
0.160.60Mega OverbytePreloggy
-0.091.21Climate Gated Community (my take)Preloggy
-0.161.64Horsing Around at the Glue FactoryPreloggy
-0.090.62Nibbling Your GibbletsPreloggy
-0.360.98Knights of the Square PegsPreloggy
0.320.99Knockin' On Heathens DoorPreloggy
-0.281.18Fudging the PackersPreloggy
-0.070.72Peppermint Panties in a TwistPreloggy
-0.160.87Bull Moose BallsPreloggy
-0.051.25Buy CuriousPreloggy
-0.251.07Mind Your Own MeatnessPreloggy
-0.051.27All I Want is Radio Lady GagaPreloggy
-0.231.50Groucho MarxismPreloggy
-0.461.08Facebook 'Em, DanoPreloggy
-0.561.99Popeye Dips in Olive OylPreloggy
-0.291.02Hat MadderPreloggy
-0.091.05Union GooniesPreloggy
0.581.15I'm Following Tweety BirdPreloggy
0.500.68And Your Little God, Too.Preloggy
-0.230.66Rectal ThermonuclearPreloggy
0.251.29Stool for the MulePreloggy
0.160.87Munching the Carpet BombPreloggy
-0.020.69There's Santorum in the ForumPreloggy
-0.151.12Cult of WessonalityPreloggy
-0.080.94Nothing To Read HerePreloggy
-0.130.97Stupid Is As Stupis DuhsPreloggy
0.251.03Tear in your BearPreloggy
-0.380.86Sucking on the Teat of MeatPreloggy
0.210.64Cat 'O' Borgnine TailsPreloggy
0.330.70Bung Hole In OnePreloggy
0.320.45Et Tu Bootycall?Preloggy
0.500.70Enter the Dragon from BehindPreloggy
-0.120.97Suicidal Porn Stars are Well HungPreloggy
-0.561.31Breaking Bad Case of Loving YouPreloggy
0.391.32Leaves Falling on the MuckrakersPreloggy
0.690.99Melanoma on the Skin of His TeethPreloggy
-0.050.99Fool for the TittyPreloggy
0.280.87Flatulent Earth SocietyPreloggy
0.011.07Back in the JocksPreloggy
0.931.56Loose Goo on the LooPreloggy
0.141.54Loner with a BonerPreloggy
0.540.78Panama C AnalPreloggy
-0.171.55Raking BradPreloggy
-1.031.30Duck Die NastyPreloggy
0.341.11Gets the Hose AgainPreloggy
-0.711.60Whip It, GodPreloggy
-0.370.68Pulling the Rug Out From Carpet BombsPreloggy
-0.211.05Trump the Rump BumpPreloggy
-0.961.49Cuckoo Clock Bomb IranPreloggy

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