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-0.141.58Kibbles and GritsChickenCow
-0.281.24Thanks and SpanksChickenCow
-0.381.44Dollars to donut pillowsChickenCow
-0.462.24Pico de LecheChickenCow
-0.481.26Likee me bikee?ChickenCow
0.391.67"bacony" - resembling baconChickenCow
0.141.88amber waves of painChickenCow
1.411.69chafin' like a bearChickenCow
-0.561.73Pirates of Piss-antsChickenCow
0.181.75derailed gravy trainChickenCow
-0.141.16knee-jerk chemical reactionChickenCow
0.181.41shiver me timbersChickenCow
0.311.72writ of habeus corpsesChickenCow
0.131.72deck the halls with Uncle CharlieChickenCow
-0.061.86road rash hash (ChickenCow)ChickenCow
0.131.34arctic circle jerkChickenCow
0.051.29C-7... Rook to Hairy Bishop...ChickenCow
0.101.65ooga booga rah rah rah V 1.2ChickenCow
-0.292.58I know, I know... it's vile.ChickenCow
-0.131.13my eyes! the goggles, they do nothing!ChickenCow
-0.241.54hop along vaselineChickenCow
0.411.11more peeps humor (I use the term loosely)ChickenCow
0.011.09bunt with your c*ntChickenCow
-0.371.20ho ho ho, green giantChickenCow
0.301.48hep a brotha ootChickenCow
-0.161.24Sugar Plums and Groping BumsChickenCow
-0.031.15Starts to work on contactChickenCow
-0.411.27Smokey & the Bandit... UnpluggedChickenCow
-0.101.29a medical swab of corn on the cobChickenCow
-0.161.12The Prisoner of Ass-KABLAM!ChickenCow
-0.041.51Springer Spaniels blasted to granules...ChickenCow

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