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-0.961.50Sometimes a cigar is just a Freudian symbolopus
-1.261.36Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Secretionsopus
-0.210.95100 Years of Solipsismopus
-0.280.81Eye Will Always Love Youopus
-0.731.00Hacking Coughopus
-1.401.10Don't Cry for Me, Sergeant Tinaopus
-0.120.86Eight Daze a Weekopus
-0.101.54My Name Is URLopus
-0.361.06Pocketful of Wryopus
-0.611.24-1 for Stupid Tagopus
-0.550.00The Dogs Must Be Crazyopus
-0.540.82Fangs for the Memoriesopus
-0.311.43here's the sitch mitchopus
-2.210.94out of gas to passopus
-0.290.00punctilious potentiometer of painopus
-1.590.00never fully dressed without your clothesopus
0.00macaroni macrame for midgetsopus
-0.950.75a punctilious potentiometer of painopus
-0.820.89you're never fully dressed without your clothesopus
-1.100.80macaroni macrame for midget muppets opus
0.00Tasty corn? (112600)opus

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