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0.131.17Livin' La Gadda da Vida Locaopus
0.040.86Where's the Buffalo? Rome?opus
0.011.11Remember the Alimonyopus
0.130.94Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnutsopus
-0.101.08Knock Knock Jokes for Ding Dongsopus
0.061.56placidly awaiting the hangmanopus
0.671.15speed bump in the parking lot of your mindopus
-0.401.49mandatory gravyopus
-0.130.90the special sauce is bossopus
0.071.30pixellated porcupines of purposeopus
0.250.83Shock the Moonpie (riff)opus
0.090.58Banana Split Personality Riff on #8741opus

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