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-0.041.09Hobbit formingtherandomthink
-0.161.95we seek... the holy quailtherandomthink
-0.141.40I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for fiddling kidstherandomthink
-0.041.01food for the glistening generationstherandomthink
0.681.22laxative chocolates for compulsive eaterstherandomthink
-0.031.07Do you love Britain? ASBO-fucking-lutely!therandomthink
-0.071.62I can't help failing in love with youtherandomthink
0.071.03the great chops of Keops.therandomthink
0.261.26Bum and Raisin? I scream!therandomthink
-0.421.58like chicken soup for the bellytherandomthink
0.121.172007 gargling world championshipstherandomthink
-0.061.32One Arquette steak; medium, raretherandomthink
-0.070.75The Temp-hole of Doomtherandomthink
0.630.93Pudding on the Ritztherandomthink

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