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-0.951.26mars needs red-headed step-childrenZeener Diode
-0.331.24a jubilant chorus of barking shinsZeener Diode
-0.571.42lucious lithium lollipops (salvaged from Open)Zeener Diode
-1.051.86and now for something completely indifferentZeener Diode
-0.821.29the land that time upchucked (Open 39139)Zeener Diode
-1.651.98the island of misfit prostheticsZeener Diode
-0.740.60kentucky fried skin graftsZeener Diode
-1.151.17hands down the pedal pushers winZeener Diode
-0.041.08the pumice in your pomeadeZeener Diode
-0.801.26vaseline-glazed holiday hamZeener Diode
-0.921.25the murky marinate on your mystery meatloafZeener Diode
-0.831.19the stylish look of death warmed overZeener Diode
-0.430.99across the sea of bitter beer facesZeener Diode
-0.530.80scooby snack attackZeener Diode
-0.550.68mister roger's personal hellZeener Diode
-0.260.95the island of miscegenated toysZeener Diode
-0.700.66the song of the souseZeener Diode
-0.661.11the mystery behind the spots on your wallZeener Diode
-0.810.49it's a a mall world after allZeener Diode
-0.320.83it's a mall world after allZeener Diode
-0.401.14it's a mall world after all (cleaned up, FWIW)Zeener Diode
-0.681.09life in the fast food laneZeener Diode
-0.981.19what's that stuffing your turkey?Zeener Diode
-0.621.24hey ho let's rollZeener Diode
-1.240.94another hi-tech system bites the dustZeener Diode
-0.391.28my mouse has two mommiesZeener Diode
-0.460.76jello shots for yappy totsZeener Diode
-0.340.68confessions of a dangerously simple mind: the G.W.Bush storyZeener Diode
-0.121.02my mouse has two mommies (do-over)Zeener Diode
-0.650.67the straw that poked the camel's toeZeener Diode
-0.581.04bus stop of the damnedZeener Diode
-0.100.92Tedsicles: the new Fenway Park treatsZeener Diode
-1.260.94this will be the gassed timeZeener Diode
-0.430.99Everybody loves radonZeener Diode
-1.080.88(I've been) Kicked by Pete Rose on the cheekZeener Diode

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