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-0.161.22frozen custard's last standZeener Diode
0.120.96a jubilant chorus of barking shins (rewrite)Zeener Diode
-0.281.22what kind of kids eat armour plating?Zeener Diode
0.080.83the pumice in your pomeade (part II)Zeener Diode
-0.141.35catch a tv star and put him in your freezerZeener Diode
-0.181.16how much is that doggie on the griddle (with a nod to DG)Zeener Diode
0.350.96writhing to the oldiesZeener Diode
0.120.82tales to make Walt Disney's head spin in his bell jarZeener Diode
0.651.11tainted with oilZeener Diode
-0.580.88available with four easy spinal installmentsZeener Diode
-0.180.89on the heels of oblivionZeener Diode
0.310.83montessori's revengeZeener Diode
-0.440.75The bouyant hopes of the damnedZeener Diode

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