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-0.910.77our man in chadguayTorgo
-0.901.42buggy bumpers for rubber babiesTorgo
-0.091.19life is just a bowl of cherry bombsTorgo
-0.501.35life is just a bowl of cherry bombs (revised)Torgo
-2.461.55another day in van's tomb of horrorsTorgo
-0.831.09official midsized car of the damnedTorgo
-0.541.40no place for space heatersTorgo
-0.041.23the final dream of jean poutineTorgo
-0.440.77leading ladies at largeTorgo many pimentosTorgo
-0.451.55a prayer for pizza on EarthTorgo
-0.830.70paging dr. jack danielsTorgo
-0.950.76the smelly Greyhound bus ride to heavenTorgo
0.00return of the yetiTorgo

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