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0.351.00filet klingon (open 34160)Torgo
0.291.40from chadguay, with love (open 34163)Torgo
-0.221.14theory of the leisure-suit classTorgo
0.011.16life is just a bowl of cherry bombs (v. 2.1)Torgo
-0.110.93Let it plead (my take, with permission)Torgo
0.061.60official midsized car of the damned (2)Torgo
-0.051.13the final dream of jean poutine (fixed)Torgo
-0.341.38filmed in meat-o-visionTorgo
-0.040.80chestnuts from the chipmunk of trickeryTorgo
0.351.09cream of the crapTorgo
-0.191.16drowning in an empty bucketTorgo
0.010.99pyromania for the dyslexicTorgo
0.100.82the mealy-mouthed mutterer of miasmasTorgo
0.010.83when nothing will do but the worstTorgo
0.890.83edmund mozzarella fitzgeraldTorgo
-0.521.55the spontaneous combustion engineTorgo
0.231.25the withheld wages of sinTorgo
-0.350.78under the cloaca of darknessTorgo
0.591.03Driving with an expired license to killTorgo
0.141.07love in a time of food poisoningTorgo
-0.381.41gettin' the band back togetherTorgo
0.060.71the tiny hands of big brotherTorgo
0.500.43the umpire strikes backTorgo
0.350.50my only friend, the endTorgo

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