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-0.081.01Roadkill stew for a redneck crewInteresting Steve
-1.241.36-1 for no pants, -1 for senile Wally, -1 for poop joke, -1 for Ted andInteresting Steve
-0.620.90The hound of one stands crappingInteresting Steve
-0.600.85The cream in your coffinInteresting Steve
-0.570.77Pissing on your compost heapInteresting Steve
-0.051.19Famous last nerdsInteresting Steve
-1.551.31We apologise for the late arrival of this comicInteresting Steve
-0.551.27Closet homo-sapiensInteresting Steve
-0.761.35A beautiful rindInteresting Steve
-0.570.83Things to do in Devon when you're dead (re-write)Interesting Steve
-0.610.98Low MarxInteresting Steve
-0.350.92Rip-tide for your mother-in-lawInteresting Steve
-0.190.78Another atrophy cabinetInteresting Steve
-0.341.10Space Battle 2000 (An audition for Eli; open 35706)Interesting Steve
-0.881.11Schubert dipsInteresting Steve
-0.471.14How green was my valet (I suspect Tam's hitting on me)Interesting Steve
-0.141.22Bus despotInteresting Steve
-0.611.33New York, New York, so good they bombed it twiceInteresting Steve
-0.671.44The world's oldest jokeInteresting Steve
-0.860.96Buddy, can you spare a mime?Interesting Steve
-0.560.96Meat on the ledgeInteresting Steve
-1.100.89The jug of slugs in your silver serviceInteresting Steve
-0.630.94Perverting the Corpse of JusticeInteresting Steve
-1.381.64I'm sorry. It's an awful meta cartoon.Interesting Steve
-0.540.68the virgin afterbirthInteresting Steve
-0.921.07respect dew (I'm out of practice)Interesting Steve
-0.911.05Clean SanchezInteresting Steve
0.050.57bigger truffle in little ChinaInteresting Steve
-0.370.50never... was so much owed by so many to tofuInteresting Steve
-0.471.09A whelk has a long time in politicsInteresting Steve
-0.951.25I want to believe it's not butter (loosely based on a Cloggies cartoonInteresting Steve

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