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-0.941.09the department of surrealism presents ...Pete B
-0.121.73any resemblance between the events depicted here and actual humor is cPete B
-1.201.37beating up irritating memesPete B
-0.491.24turn your head and scoff ... some morePete B
-0.390.95downgraded to "axis of complete jerks" (again)Pete B
-0.450.70varnish -- the other white meatPete B
-2.371.87the internet's most glorious copyright violation is back! woot!Pete B
-0.831.37so many metas, so little scorePete B
-0.221.32the vodka in your super-soakerPete B
-0.441.25hamsters for hipsters (the "duet with Christopher" remix)Pete B
-0.271.08erraticaPete B
-0.641.80my precious scores! they're melting! they're melting!Pete B
-0.390.90"the phrase that pays" files for bankruptcyPete B
-0.071.09the comic that still wants neo to throw the oracle into mount doomPete B
-0.440.97don't feed the furriesPete B
-2.522.29somebody had to do it. (okay, maybe not.) [7067]Pete B
-0.650.00the monkey was asking for itPete B

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