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-0.291.36b is for bookie, that's good enough for mePete B
0.101.35hellacious Nerf smackdownPete B
0.451.09a mild groan, revisitedPete B
0.481.50mustardseed lifesaver (original author, with tweaking)Pete B
0.091.24where the rules are made up and the electoral votes don't matterPete B
0.121.23requium for the treated and releasedPete B
0.301.02time keeps on slipping into the guard railPete B
-0.301.34how much bone could a bone saw saw if a bone saw could saw bone? v.2Pete B
0.661.36suffer, children, sufferPete B
-0.611.47dare you to drink the waterPete B
0.251.44nattering nabobs of nudismPete B
0.071.24+5 for knowing where voter livesPete B
-0.261.22the comic that understands "clever oxymoron" is an oxymoronPete B
0.461.10roving blood bank ATMPete B
0.081.26unlubricated justicePete B
0.221.22sub-standard deviation (take 2)Pete B
-0.181.36not for use with unexplained muscle sorenessPete B
-0.431.34this comic will self-delete in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...Pete B
0.431.46attribution, dammit: "Go Die" by Mark PeasleePete B
-0.331.38Jesus loves you, but He doesn't have to like itPete B
-0.101.44getting in bad touch with your inner childPete B
0.051.41attrib: "Go Die" by Mark PeasleePete B
-0.251.21poaching from "Go Die" one last timePete B
0.231.34just because nobody can understand you doesn't mean it's artPete B
0.611.23am I the only one who notices Dan's nametag is backwards?Pete B
-0.271.49and the crowd grows weed (open 23046)Pete B
-0.121.03look, maw! another anonymous, snarky voter comment!Pete B
0.160.97fry like an eagle (redux)Pete B
0.481.06a penny for keeping your thoughts to yourselfPete B
-0.051.33happy dogs playing leapfrog (my take on 3957)Pete B
-0.021.03topless aggressionPete B
-0.471.24sign the petition; put Bug-Eyed Earl on Survivor, now! (corrected)Pete B
-0.031.13wankers of the world, unite!Pete B
0.141.01going further south on an even more broken compassPete B
-0.191.26the tao of tom and jerryPete B
0.071.63it's only a cliche if it sucks; otherwise, it's an archetypePete B
-1.593.10help pete help soren test the site!Pete B
0.181.28chicken soup for the soullessPete B
-0.241.47carcinogenic joke substitutePete B
-0.161.37the department of surrealism presents ... (v. 2.0)Pete B
-0.171.28tempting fate with delicious chocolatesPete B
0.561.53any resemblance between these events and actual humor is coincidentalPete B
-1.091.07burning down the dog ... and it's still burningPete B
0.321.26waging the war on ducksPete B
-0.240.98turn your head and scoffPete B
-0.561.32anybody else want to see Billy, Jeffy, and co. as character options?Pete B
-0.031.57open meat night at the improv (open 25507, revised)Pete B
-0.230.87inalienable blightsPete B
-0.310.57it's funny because it's truePete B
-0.521.12warning: may contain humor-like substancePete B
0.190.95wacky slumlord of your comedy ghettoPete B
0.071.31smokey and the bandit II . . . unplugged some more (riff on 5253)Pete B
0.101.17it's like when you think you have to pass gas, but you're wrongPete B
-0.101.27the comic strip that wants you to put it down and back away, slowlyPete B
-0.261.17downgraded to "axis of complete jerks"Pete B
-0.141.04million man mulch (attrib: Sluggy Freelance)Pete B
0.051.27anthrax sports pagePete B
0.401.05jack in the pandora's boxPete B
0.061.10tastes just like hobbitPete B
0.261.15varnish -- the other white meat (v. 1.1)Pete B
0.181.29your daily dose of mirth and frivolityPete B
-0.030.93today's high score is April Employee of the MonthPete B
0.260.82it's the taglines that are truly lost, never to be recoveredPete B
0.161.31the comedic equivalent of an unpleasant burning sensationPete B
0.391.17not so much bad taste as no taste at allPete B
0.401.10someday, you'll look back on this and laugh. or weep bitterly.Pete B
-0.211.81the sicker picker-upperPete B
0.291.35moon over dharma (attrib dammit: 5540)Pete B
0.040.99an old contest, a new beginningPete B
0.191.12the vigilantes in your pantiesPete B
0.051.24I know right where you can stick that "disappearing fence", buddyPete B
-0.171.26hamsters for hipstersPete B
0.021.19burlap dance 3: rise of the burlap machines (orig: 5653)Pete B -- it didn't crash, proving there is no godPete B
-0.471.06just a bunch of goddamn plagiarists (steve abandons 5705)Pete B
0.681.28looking forward to that hot steve/tam baby-makin' actionPete B
-0.040.94let daddy show you how to screw up a comic (5781)Pete B
-0.992.14get your nasty comments ready; it's a goddamn metaPete B
-0.121.28erratica, againPete B
0.041.29just like a comic strip, but without all the pesky "humor"Pete B
-0.271.53the Dremel tool? it's for my feet.Pete B
0.121.39bad touched by an angelPete B
-0.081.41my precious scores! they're melting! they're melting! (still)Pete B
-0.311.28the people of a sick, sad world . . . and loving it (6144)Pete B
-2.352.78a public service announcementPete B
0.371.22the horse flop on your laptopPete B
-0.101.56baba yogaPete B
-0.091.09sesame street's best tattoo parlorPete B
0.211.20i have no tag -- i just like saying "naughty dead clown"Pete B
0.101.05"the phrase that pays" files for bankruptcy ("less suck" remix)Pete B
-1.092.42the doggie poo on comedy's shoePete B
0.171.24the comic that wants neo to throw the oracle into mount doom (2)Pete B
-0.221.01the comic that just wants your love ... but will settle for fearPete B
-0.321.15don't feed the furries (thanksgiving remix)Pete B
0.291.55atrb: rob balder,, "fishing with grampa"Pete B
-0.671.36one more partiallyclips strip, then you gotta read 'em yourselfPete B
0.311.09karmically-unsound comedyPete B
-0.521.51i still say the monkey was asking for itPete B

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