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-0.401.06Voodoo Chile con Vaca CarneVaca
-1.802.63voodoo ughVaca
-0.891.28no mercy killingVaca
-1.441.64the clown hourVaca
-0.880.98run down on the yellow brick roadVaca
-2.321.31rectum? I hardly knew him!Vaca
-0.530.70unpopped humor kernelsVaca
-0.181.01putting the "fun" in "unfunny"Vaca
-0.631.81nothing wrong with the occasional cross referenceVaca
-0.760.74nickel and dimed to orgasmVaca
-0.831.17where winnie the pooh meets willie the pimpVaca
-0.740.76dressing your wounds with scraps of dignityVaca
-0.260.83glory hole daysVaca
-0.870.66one for the money, two for the awkward silenceVaca
-0.560.78moonshine vacamanVaca
-0.511.21the hipster's marmadukeVaca
-0.591.12so hip that lamps tip in my wakeVaca
-0.591.18lost in the bewildernessVaca
0.000.89hillbilly souffleVaca
-0.611.00taking the plungerVaca
-0.991.13rum for the miserableVaca

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