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1.361.71and your little dog, tooVaca
0.581.32the bleeding abcess on the gums of comedyVaca
0.671.26the cruel crawling foamVaca
0.161.17a pound of fleshVaca
-0.141.65leave 'em alone, williams?Vaca
0.561.09dancing to that apocalypso beatVaca
-0.021.50newly reformulated and lemony-freshVaca
0.130.94the tremulous heights of inanityVaca
0.861.32the contagion spreads inexorablyVaca
0.771.21blocking insanity as your mind looks for an open receiverVaca
0.101.32a million tiny voices demanding to be heardVaca
-0.111.27the bastard son of a thousand keanes, rewriteVaca
0.681.14plaster disasterVaca
-0.191.24it's all downhill from hereVaca
0.281.23my kingdom for a couple bucksVaca
0.101.29riddle me this, batmanVaca
0.071.28lemme give this shower thang a shotVaca
0.231.19three dog fight (edit)Vaca
0.281.06scintilating sensation of anal abrasion, one moreVaca
0.361.15here's looking at you, KITTVaca
0.271.33we'll always have parasitesVaca
0.461.17rock over london, rock on chicagoVaca
0.071.11rolling down the river of blood IIVaca
0.311.26speak softly and carry a big bullhornVaca
0.091.23burn baby burn (in my disco inferno)Vaca
0.361.22born to run in terrorVaca
0.241.28the bridgework of miami-dade countyVaca
-0.061.33is it gonna be you and me forever? (oh oh oh)Vaca
0.281.09evil to the corpsVaca
-0.111.45touch me I'm DickVaca
0.241.33row row row your bloat, vacaVaca
-0.451.90the fox and the honda (clarification)Vaca
0.521.15delusions of adequacyVaca
0.111.12ecce homogenous (wrong bark right tree)Vaca
-0.041.15the white elephant of comedyVaca
-0.242.13Ooo! That smarts (Vaca).Vaca
0.261.41tequlia mockingbird (vaca, for the hell of it)Vaca
0.301.16comes in your mouth, not in your handsVaca
-0.191.52talk to the elbow (the hand's not listening) [spellcheck]Vaca
0.251.30it's got a good beat and you can dance to itVaca
-0.451.15moo-ve alongVaca
0.851.36burning the night awayVaca
0.271.41the five-egg comedy omeletteVaca
0.281.15comedy from beyondVaca
-0.161.17trickle-down urinomicsVaca
-0.121.48shaken not stirredVaca
0.291.50from the plate to the toiletVaca
-0.011.13dude, let's get a band together (rewrite)Vaca
-0.251.47in the newsVaca
-0.091.46this space intentionally left blankVaca
0.110.95episode VI: return of the jabberwockyVaca
0.391.53the pasta for your rastaVaca
-0.081.13harry potter and the anal intruderVaca
0.220.99low blow jobVaca
0.521.14your reptilian ancestor, editVaca
0.141.15a cry for attentionVaca
0.111.22dare to be diffidentVaca
-0.051.33do the vroom-vroomVaca
0.160.89hocking up a loogy of loveVaca
0.081.26belle and sebastian bachVaca
-0.421.36soaring on the wings of desireVaca
0.251.28the unholy spiritVaca
0.081.16heavy petting zooVaca
0.041.39the broken home stretchVaca
-0.161.02small time duck dealerVaca
0.111.00an affair to remember for the syphillisVaca
0.081.32the pork side of the moonVaca
0.251.39the hangnail of comedyVaca
-0.021.18gazing into the void and laughingVaca
-0.061.25the baby in the bathwaterVaca
-0.081.25putting the "fun" in "unfunny" (grammar check)Vaca
0.231.07receding ass hair lineVaca
1.181.76the toothbrush in your candy stashVaca
0.091.53on the gravy train, but seated in the snot cabooseVaca
0.131.37winnie the pimpVaca
-0.241.21your comedy epiduralVaca
-0.881.47goodnight, everybody!Vaca
0.141.34trembling before zodVaca
0.841.51the bukkake of comedyVaca
0.321.28the eight track of destinyVaca
-0.180.92a spirtual salve for a mental abrasionVaca
-0.641.65weekend throwawayVaca
0.481.02trains, planes, and automatonsVaca
0.191.16a humorous salve for your genital dandruffVaca
-0.021.24a cabinet of duncesVaca
-0.601.21killing you softly (no song neccesary)Vaca
0.141.37comedy's crawlspaceVaca
0.001.04somewhere between sesame and elm streetsVaca
0.271.27comedy saltmineVaca
-0.091.34the unfortunate fellatioVaca
0.061.60faster than a bursting aneurysmVaca
-0.361.48danger kittenVaca
0.311.37the deep, dark, pathetic secretVaca
0.061.31strong enough for a man, but made of a womanVaca
-1.261.68satan's private messengerVaca
-0.041.09the executioner's nasal whiningVaca
-0.111.16food stamp actVaca
0.020.83like a horse in a chicken suitVaca
-0.521.43low on life, but high on deathVaca
0.241.09kneeling before the lord, and swallowingVaca
0.020.90the other white powderVaca
0.461.25hillbilly's souffleVaca
-0.181.27paging doctor dubiousVaca
0.401.03retro futurismVaca
-0.211.39moral compass gone awryVaca
-0.290.76crumbs of the universeVaca
-0.431.01greetings from the other sideVaca
-0.300.85forces of dumbnessVaca
0.011.72break me off a piece of that kitty katVaca
-0.381.03toe cheese whizVaca
-0.040.76new god ultra for cleaner soulsVaca
-0.040.96the del mcfury bandVaca
0.001.09storming the white castleVaca
0.561.40popping up for air and nachosVaca
-0.071.31the 72 ounce man-syrup slurpeeVaca
-0.341.02dehancing the enhancementVaca
-1.281.07Two Headed ManboyVaca

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