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-0.161.27Meat your makerVorro
-0.121.30Of course she's served millions, she's a MacDonald.Vorro
-0.071.20The closest thing I've had to inspiration in half a yearVorro
-0.641.58kicking a gratefully dead horseVorro
-1.291.35there is no "I" in "wowowowowowo"Vorro
-0.621.49There is no "I" in "learn to proofread, you moron"Vorro
-0.301.08Jim Jones University AlumniVorro
-1.050.81Oh, you ATE UB40 too... geez, ain't nobody heard of van halen?Vorro
-0.601.22Oh, you ATE UB40 too... geez, ain't anybody heard of van halen?Vorro
-0.971.55Varnish is for pansies too weak to drink DrainoVorro
-0.230.93sequential fartsVorro
-0.361.25I spent a lot of time drawing this one... err... no wait...Vorro
-0.311.02Fuck Tha PolisVorro
-0.670.78New on Nickelodeon: Dostoevsky & PalsVorro
-0.551.44Savant GoVorro

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