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0.171.45The Dukes of EarlVorro
0.051.40Yellow snow bunniesVorro
0.111.51We all live in a Meatball SubmarineVorro
0.081.39Charles MonroeVorro
-0.101.70teen esprit de corpsVorro
0.121.45Dairy air from your derriereVorro
0.741.70Atlas FartedVorro
0.441.20Tequila Mockingbird (Vorro's going to hell Remix)Vorro
0.031.37Cabinet meatingVorro
-0.031.16Brought to you by 2 doses of Vicks NyQuilVorro
0.430.93bubonic colonicVorro
-0.040.91Larva lamps grow into glow-bugsVorro

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