RED MEAT i'm meow meow henrietta lollipop from the secret files of max cannon
Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. It's been 63 years since my last confession.
I'm glad you have come to us at last, my child. No one is so far gone that their spirit cannot be cleansed.
Well, I'm an old man, padre, and I'm afraid I may have unburdened my bowels here in the confessional.
I see. Well, nothing a good pressure washer and some elbow grease can't take care of.
Don't suppose you have any toilet paper over there? And a Reader's Digest? I may be a while.
Next time say something before communion. The body of Christ has a gluten-free alternative.
2015-01-22 23:10:30By Afgncaap

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8Gluten free FTW. -MMM-
5Too many punchlines in this one.
3I actually like Wally 2, for whatever reason. --VX

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