RED MEAT Loner with a Boner from the secret files of max cannon
Holy cow, what happened, Johnny? The seat of your pants are covered in blood.
Oh that. I'm coming back from a party at Milkman Dan's.
Ah, let me guess. You played "let the unicorn pin a tail on you."
How did you know?
Just a guess. Hang on and I'll try and extract the "unicorn horn" from your butt.
For a mythical creature, they sure sting a lot.
2013-09-30 09:03:52By Preloggy

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9Now this is the RMCS I know and love! :) -MMM-
8Best in a long while. -opus
6Nice Johnny 3. --VX
5Hmm... could be good, but needs a bit of work. --TRT
4Pretty awkward phrasings

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