RED MEAT I ain't a ghost of no Freud from the secret files of max cannon
What the hell was that screaming I heard from your place last night, Ted?
That was the boy. He's pretty sick -- running a fever and everything.
If it's making him yell loud enough to wake the neighbors, maybe you should get him to the hospital.
No, that was from when I used the rectal thermometer. I had to stick in it a couple of feet. Must've really hurt.
Feet? Man, you misread the directions. It's only supposed to go in a couple of inches.
Heh. "Misread."
2012-04-15 19:16:06By The Hanged Man

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8Correct "in it" to "it in" in Ted's 2 for an extra point. -opus
8Yes. Great tag, too. --VX

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