RED MEAT Mega Overbyte from the secret files of max cannon
I hear your cat had her litter. Have you given them names?
Yes, they're Mittens, Boots, Whiskers and Midnight.
Good Lord, those are the most cliched cat names of all time.
So what would you name them, smartypants?
I like to give names that fit, so I would call them Squishy, Fireball, Jigsawed and Pirahnna Bait.
I hate you, Milkman Dan.
2010-01-02 07:27:17By Preloggy

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7Even though you misspelled "piranha." -T.
6"Piranha." --THM
6Pretty good for a standard take. -opus
6I like "Jigsawed". --VX
6Wilson, Head, Prince, and Dunlop - SG
6Pull, Pull, Pull, Pull. (Skeet)
5Good point on the clicheness though.
5seemed rather obvious early on

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