RED MEAT Girls Gone Wild at Heart from the secret files of max cannon
Wally, have you seen my . . .
Genitals cozy? You bet.
I just had to try it. My nut sack has never felt so warm and tingly.
I was going to say tuna fish sandwich.
Whatever you call it, my cat and I have never been so content.
2009-11-29 16:54:43By Preloggy

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7Decent. Understands the character. -opus
7"Ugh for vulgarity"? I'd wonder if we had a new user if it weren't VX.
7Dolphin free, I pray.
6had to think too much to figure out what panel #1 was saying...Koozie?
6Language seems a tad vulgar for Wally 2. Perhaps "crotch" instead?
3Yes, ugh for vulgarity. Seriously, "nut sack"? --VX

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