RED MEAT Fat Boy Breathing in Short Pants from the secret files of max cannon
Why are you in that silly suit again?
It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I thought I'd test my exo-suit to see if it's also shark resistant.
You're such a dumbo. There's no sharks in Mayberry. We're not even near the ocean.
Very true, Karen. Which is why I put fake fins on your cats and put them in my tub. I hopped in with only my suit and a speargun to protect me.
Oh no! Where are my kitties?
I'll tell you over lunch. Care for a catkabob?
2009-09-26 08:59:25By Preloggy

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7+1 for "catkabob"
7Sea Kittens!
6-1 for catkabob. Just "kabob" would have been perfect. --THM
6Strangest tag in a while. I like the imagery of the strip. --VX
6- opus
3Yeah, adding 'cat' just strips what little subtlety it could've had.

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