RED MEAT Dry Toast in your Depends from the secret files of max cannon
Ted, what the hell are you doing?
The hokey-pokey. I just found out that it really IS what it's all about.
Yeah? Who told you that?
Some wild-eyed guy preaching on the street corner. He said he heard it from a burning skull.
Uh-huh. And did this burning skull say to do it naked from the waist down in the middle of my vegetable garden?
Every religion has its splinter movements, Don.
2009-09-12 19:17:41By The Hanged Man

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9Beautiful. +1 for being sequential to the original, not just a knock-off - SG
8I think I'm just a sucker for religion-themed jokes, but still.
7Just like every so-so strip has a great one hiding. Pre
7Dead on in character. Funny. -opus
7I agree with opus, dead f-ing on character.
7panel 2 could be a little snappier, but a good finish
6Aroused a smile. --VX

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