RED MEAT Is There A Doctor in the House of Pancakes? from the secret files of max cannon
Postman Matt, have you seen my kitty?
No Karen, but I did see Milkman Dan leaving your house with a sack in one hand and a bottle of chloroform in the other.
Oh no! My poor kitty!
Now calm down Karen. It was a mighty big sack. Could have been your mom inside.
I hate you, Postman Matt.
Hey, Milkman Dan was right. That does give a nice feeling deep in your guttywutz.
2009-07-10 06:51:52By Preloggy

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6"Guttywutz"!? -T.
6Gives me a pain in me gulliver.
5Guttywutz? What's with the sudden psuedo-Nadsat?
5Nice tag, anyway. --VX
5"Guttywutz"? - opus
5Matt's 3 kills it an otherwise great setup
4Naaah. Matt's paranoid, not sadistic. --THM

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