RED MEAT Sooeycide is Pigless from the secret files of max cannon
Vince no like man from Mars. Vince smash!
Whoa, big fella. It's Milkman Dan in his exo-suit.
Vince don't know what exo-suit is. Vince smash!
My exo-suit uses electrical impulses to fire my synapses, causing an increase in reflexes and motor skills.
Vince no buy into "Inherit the Wind" argument about scientific curiosity, but prefers a monotheistic view of man being created in His image. Vince smash!
I wouldn't mind a debate with an elightened Neanderthal if a beating wasn't inevitable.
2009-01-21 06:26:29By Preloggy

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7this is why I play video games on Sunday morning -gtd
6The punchline is solid. Vince's 3 could use work. - opus
6my vote is almost entirely for MMD #3
6I love Dan 3, although the "wasn't" should be "weren't". Not to nitpick. --VX
6It'd work better if Vince #3 was more than a generic intellectual rant.
5It has promise... -T.
5Vince is actually articulate, panel three reads like unfrozen caveman lawyer.
5weak finish

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