RED MEAT The waterspout in your wading pool from the secret files of max cannon
So you'd better be good, William, because Christmas comes but once a year.
Okay, Mom. I'm not sure why you're telling me this --
You know what else only comes once a year?
No, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to.
Your good-for-nothing father!
Thanks for the image. If you need me, I'll be poking my eyes out with the good scissors.
2008-11-11 17:33:37DELETEDBy The Hanged Man

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6I like it, but I'm sure Ted manages at LEAST twice a day. The perv. TRT
6+1 for "good scissors" -opus
4"...comes around," maybe? - SG
3Pretty much pointless, sorry. --VX
3Telegraphed #2 and then downward spiral in #3 Pre
3Sound like a joke that would be told on the Blue Collar Comedy tour. -OQP

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