RED MEAT The psychedelic hell of yellow bells from the secret files of max cannon
Wally, you lived through the last Depression. Any advice on what I should do in this current crisis?
Admit to yourself what a bleak, meaningless, vacant experience your existence has turned out to be, adjust to this new hell you call your life, and try to last though your remaining years eking out a miserable living before finally embracing the blessed release of death.
Maybe, but you said the same thing when I asked you for change for the parking meter.
Good advice is always good advice, Ted.
2008-10-15 19:16:12By The Hanged Man

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9Fantastic. -OQP
8Best one so far. -opus
7Wordy. I like. -T.
7Nice - SG
7wally's 1 too big, needs to be split over both panels, otherwise great
6Split Wally over two panels.
5Ted 3 could be improved, but the idea is sound. --VX
5Blank #2 doesn't add here. Pre
4long road with no destination

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