RED MEAT Lubing Popeye's Penis with Olive Oyl from the secret files of max cannon
Son, I think it's time we had a talk about the birds and the bees.
But dad, I already had that talk with mom.
You did?
Sure. She told me all about it, then she called me Oedipus and said that she knew that I would be the best.
I see. Guess it's time to kill the family, comma, self.
Relax, dad. I was just kidding. Besides, I'm gay.
2008-10-11 14:38:27By Preloggy

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6Got a big fat +2 here if you fix that God-awful Ted 3. And the tag..ugh! poe117
6I'm sure this is going to get destroyed by the voters, but I like panel 3. -OQP
5There's a good idea somewhere in William 3. --VX
5Weird. -T.
5Needs work
5William #2 seems too forced
3Ummm.... Really didn't work for me. -opus
1clumy setup with lmaq ending

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