RED MEAT Veronica Mars Needs Women from the secret files of max cannon
You wanted to see me, Padre?
Ted, I appreciate you volunteering to help clean up the church after the hurricane, but you need to watch yourself.
Is this about me throwing Johnny Lemonhead into the trash dumpster?
Yes. And honestly, I'm ashamed of you. Haven't you been paying any attention to my sermons?
Um --
I've told you time and time again we're going green. Now go get Johnny and put him on the compost heap where he belongs.
2008-08-30 15:34:28DELETEDBy The Hanged Man

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6Love the tag. Strip is pretty good. --VX
6Predictable, but not bad. -T.
6+.5 for tag
6Saw #3 coming. Needs to be much shorter to surprise. -opus
3Might as well have just planted a big sign in #2 that said "TWIST COMING" -OQP

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