RED MEAT the whiny creep in the briny deep from the secret files of max cannon
I bought a satellite dish and descrambler from this guy, but they're broken.
No matter what I watch, the sound always comes from some 24-hour Swedish porn channel.
I have never in my life laughed so hard at Mexican wrestling.
2007-11-27 05:49:17By Territan

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8Took 5 seconds for that grenade to go off. Kudos for imagery.
8Not necessarily very Earl, but the mental image has me laughing HARD.
7Wonderful image. Exactly what an Earl strip should be. --VX
7Porn and Earl, and still clean. Impressive. --THM
7Meaty? Not really. Funny? Oh laws yes. --OQP
6Let's hear it for Luche Libre porn - Preloggy
6got a smile -IS
63 doesn't sound like Earl
5doesn't sound Earl-ish
5doesn't really show Earl's character -- KATF
5This sounds more like Ted material. -T.
4Not Earl

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