RED MEAT Tropic of Prostate Cancer from the secret files of max cannon
This clam dip tastes strange.
That's not clam dip. I took a rapid weasel and put it in the microwave for five minutes.
Oh dear.
Don't worry. I folded in a tube of toothpaste to take care of the aftertaste.
Well, free food is free food I guess.
That's the spirit. Care for a field brownie?
2007-08-05 15:48:33By Preloggy

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8Please, sir, can I have some more? And +1 for the tag. -T.
6"rapid" = "rabid" ? -- SG
6this is better when you scan it rabidly - bbg
6I like Johnny 3. --VX
5Then what did he do with the slow weasels? --THM
5Those quick weasels are yummy!
5"Rapid weasel" unintentional gem -cm
5Rapid weasel? But he still managed to catch it. --TRT
4Is it still a "rapid weasel" if you use a conventional oven? --opus
4Last time I put my rapid weasel in the microwave, I had to see a doctor. --OQP
3-1 for misspellings
3Rapid Weasel? ANOTHER stupid new Sonic the Hedgehog character?

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