RED MEAT Pimpin' the Barbie from the secret files of max cannon
What's wrong, Karen?
I can't find my new kitty!
Relax. I think I saw some tracks in the woods behind your house . . .
Really? Let's go find her, then!
. . . so I tied her to them.
I hate you, Milkman Dan!
2007-04-03 18:47:48DELETEDBy The Hanged Man

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7Made me chuckle. --opus
7Comic - "I think" = +1 --poe117
6Nice swerve. --TRT
6ooh, so close, but 'I think I saw' doesn't match certainty in #3 -IS
6Ditch the "..." just use a normal period
6Cute. --VX
5get rid of "I think"
4ellipses blows it --OQP

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