RED MEAT the monkey was asking for it from the secret files of max cannon
Welcome back from the state fair, Karen! How was it?
Stupid. Mommy took us to see this dumb fake psychic who said she could make you remember past lives if she hippo-tized you or something.
So when it was my turn, she made me count backwards and look at her watch and the next thing I know, I think I'm a guy with this dorky little mustache and I'm shoutin' all these made-up words like "Kristallnacht" and "Schutzstaffel" and "Judenfrei," and something about this stupid lady named Eva ... Milkman Dan, are you crying?
Hmm? Oh, sorry, Karen. You just made me realize there really IS a God, and He has made me a part of His divine plan.
Whatever. Anyway, since we got back I've had this weird urge to invade my neighbor's yard and take over the swingset. Wanna help?
2006-05-02 11:12:29DELETEDBy Pete B

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5Dan's 3 almost saves it. --THM

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