RED MEAT Marmoset knock you out from the secret files of max cannon
Don't you love this, son? Seeing those animals in their cages, wrestling, hanging from the bars, flinging their poop at each other -- it's hilarious!
I don't know, dad. It makes me kind of uncomfortable.
Don't tell me you're one of those crybabies who think these creatures have rights.
Um -- I guess not, but really, what's the difference between you and them?
I was smart enough to frame someone else.
No wonder Don seemed so upset when we walked by his cell.
2004-09-07 09:48:10By The Hanged Man

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7Predictable but William's 3 makes it worthwhile. --opus
7"Too dark" is a concern, and you're reading RMCS?
7I like the flow -IS
7+1 for tag
7didn't see it coming, maybe I've been away for too long -LS
6Tag is godly, strip needs work.
6Saved by Ted's aloof response in #3.
6My set of cultural references excludes the tag
6Monkeys + black guy = uncomfortable racist overtones. Awesome tag. -DG
6Fucking awesome tag; not a bad joke, but capitalize "Dad". ;) --VX
6saw it coming, but still good
6Pretty obvious joke. Love the tag.
6took two readings, but pretty good (also like tag) -cm
5+2 for tag, but I agree w/DG on uncomfortable overtones -FV
4I get it, but it's too dark for me to laugh. Even for the RMCS.
3Telegraphed and unfunny. Sorry. -BN

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