RED MEAT Help me, Obie Trice...You're my only hope. from the secret files of max cannon
They were all tied up downstairs, Karen. I made them watch a "Temptation Island" marathon, their little kitty eyes forced open.
You're so mean, Dan. Let my kitties go now!
Oh, Karen, but there's so much more. After that came the loud Jessica Simpson music. And the David Spade movies.
You're unspeakable. There must be something I can do to end their suffering.
Don't worry, Karen. I ended their torture. They're in this box that Postman Matt just delivered.
Oh, OK. I was beginning to worry that playing "Se7en" with you would have a scary ending.
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5Contrived. Alas. --THM
5Last panel worth a chuckle -- Nuke
4feels a bit awkward, and doesn't really get anywhere -cm
3too dumb even for Karen

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