RED MEAT The baby shark in your wading pool from the secret files of max cannon
Okay, old-timer. I need information, and I need it now. Start talking.
Um . . . Lisbon is the capital of Portugal!
Well --
The Red Skull's real name is Johann Schmidt! The heaviest flying bird is the condor! Queen Victoria reigned for 64 years!
Alright, that's enough. Thanks for your time.
No problem. Good luck with your appearance on Jeopardy.
2004-06-03 07:54:32DELETEDBy The Hanged Man

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7Stacy's #2 should be "You know you got more to tell me than that, old man!"
6I think a punchier Stacy #2 would help this -cm
5Kinda bland. --VX

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