RED MEAT Scorpions in your steel-toed boots (after lordstatik) from the secret files of max cannon
Hey there, Karen. I've decided to give conventional bullying a try. Now hand over your lunch money.
Or else what?
You'll have to eat the cafeteria food.
Good point. Here, take all of it. And I'll give it to you every day. And I'll get my friends to give you their money too.
Your sudden enthusiasm worries me, Karen. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all.
I win either way, Milkman Dan.
2004-05-31 21:26:43DELETEDBy The Hanged Man

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7+1 for the first panel -LS
6Could use a better Karen 3, but worthy effort. --VX
5Feels a little contrived-IS

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