RED MEAT the comic that still wants neo to throw the oracle into mount doom from the secret files of max cannon
I thought it would be kinda funny if, before his birthday party, I let my seven-year-old brother watch Stephen King's "It" with me. Eight times.
Of course, I hadn't planned on the clown not getting there until after Mikey had opened his presents. Nor did I realize Uncle Ray had given him a shotgun.
It's been two weeks, and I still can't stop giggling.
2003-11-14 12:10:04DELETEDBy Pete B

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7+1 for an inspired tag.
7feels like the shotgun line should be in #3, omit present 3... still rocks
5I gotta see the second two "Matrix" movies. --VX
4Like the rewrite better -- Nuke

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