RED MEAT the doggie poo on comedy's shoe from the secret files of max cannon
Good morning. Why, you're in a bad mood already. What's wrong?
Some stupid jerk keeps giving me low votes on comics I write for this do-it-yourself comic site.
Interesting. Well, maybe if you didn't make so many snotty comments on other peoples' comics, you wouldn't make enemies like that.
Please. I'm sure that . . . hey, wait a minute . . .
Or, maybe you just can't tell a joke to save your life. Ever think of that, Queen of the Deleted Strip?
Who the hell gave you a login, anyway?
2003-11-13 09:16:34By Pete B

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10Not meat, but I empathise. --TRT
9funny ~Anto~
8Meta/Forum/Topical all give a -1, so I can only give an 8 -cm
8Okay, I'm laughing, though I probably shouldn't. Laughing a lot. --John
7best meta ever
6This is better than meta -- it's possible that they'd be on another comic site
6"Karen, is it you who keeps giving me a 1 with 'I hate you, milkman dan!'?"-herp
6Good quasi-meta, and can forgive topical, but -1 for Karen profanity (OOC).
6Damn, Pete, that there's some bold meta. -Torgo
6I suppose fair is fair. --THM
5 - BFJ -
5This is better (for a meta) (CB)
5Zing. Didn't laugh much, though -- jnc
5Seems vaguely derivative. --VX
5enough already!
5Ooh, him comics write good! -ZD (channeling Homer)
4Ok, funny but save it for the forum, -2 for no TPTP -- Nuke
3I hate self-ref..crz
2Oh, my! I must post a reply! Oh, but wait. This isn't the forum!
2Karen's 3 is close enough to being a joke to keep this from being a 1. -FV
1Here's another low vote for not creating a funny comic! -NC
1It's actually sorta funny. But this needs to stop right now. -IF
1Oh dear. Come on Pete. You really didn't need to stir it up like this -IS
1I actually almost laughed, but it would be hypocritical for me vote meta up.
1Enough shit - deal with the scores you get, and try to be funny next time.
1VX is clearly king of the deleted comic
1-9 for stirrin' the pot...-bbg

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