RED MEAT Nothing Personal from the secret files of max cannon
Enough with you nasty, nasty lowballers.
I write a decent strip and it gets shot down immediately by fellow writers with a beef against me? Just post your name and be out with it!
Anything you want to get out, I'll be glad to discuss. But quit screwing me over. I'm not your enemy.
Is he still there?
2003-11-02 15:40:42DELETEDBy The Hanged Man

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8My favourite meta ever -- jnc
6Hehe. Might have scored better if everyone had read the forum
5I live! --VX
4the forum is for bitching
3Last line +1 -- Nuke
2I get shot down on a regular basis. I try again. Kwitcherbitchin. - Magus
1You can figure out who this is (hint: I dislike whiny meta).
1On principal. (Kinda funny though) -IF

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