RED MEAT Vaseline-glazed eyes from the secret files of max cannon
Greetings, young human! I will be dispensing the mammary secretions of cows today. I have also taken the liberty of dispensing with your kitten. It offered little resistance to the wheels of my vehicle.
I hate you, Milkman Bix!
You may be pleased to hear that Dan offered the same level of resistance.
-- but not as much as I do Milkman Dan.
Now it is your turn.
On the other hand --
2003-10-18 18:26:55DELETEDBy The Hanged Man

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5Karen's 2 is awkward, as is her 3. Keep working on this idea, though.
5great first panel, then downhill all the way
4Whimsical, but it seems designed only because of the recent flap over TPTP. Afg.
4ugh no
3Falls apart after panel 1, which...hmm... --VX

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