RED MEAT "the phrase that pays" files for bankruptcy from the secret files of max cannon
Trick or . . . why, hello, Karen! Why aren't you out trick-or-treating with your friends?
I've got a goldfish, two gerbils, and a new kittin, and I'm making sure nuthin' bad happens to any of 'em this year!
Goodness, such admirable devotion to your pets! But as you can see, I'm out scavenging for candy, and wasn't planning anything "special" for you.
Really. But, depriving you of an entire Halloween's worth of sweets feels strangely satisfying all by itself.
Make sure you stop by Vince's house; I hear he gives out EXTRA-special candy.
2003-10-17 11:35:36DELETEDBy Pete B

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7Fantastic Dan 3, but worth another rewrite. --VX
6I like MMD 3 but not Karen's. Preloggy
5Karen's 3 is kinda not good

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