RED MEAT If at First You Don't Suck Seed, You'll Make A Lousy Hooker from the secret files of max cannon
Trick or treat!!!
My, what a bunch of lovely skeletons you all are.
What are you talking about, mister? We're a witch, a pirate, Spider-Man and a ballerina.
Yes, such nice skeletons. Beautiful skeletons.
I wonder if this is the reason the group of trick or treaters ends at this house?
2003-10-16 09:16:39By Preloggy

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8Yes, beautiful Earl! +2 for sick tag. -cf
8And a +1 if you dump the kids' 3. --THM
8Nice, PL. --John
7This could conceivably be an 8 or more with a better worded last balloon.
7If Kids 3 were better, this could be an 8 or a 9. I like Earl's lines immensely
7Last line doesn't ring true somehow, but funny -Cap'n
7Creepiest Earl I've seen for a while. Kid's #3 could be improved (CB)
6Yes, Kids 3 is terrible.
6+1 for tag; change or do away with Nobody 3; Earl 3 kicks ass -bbg
6Kid 3 sucks, but WHOA is Earl creepy. Afg.
6Good idea, but nobody #3 doesn't quite make grammatical or logical sense
6kids' #3 could use work
6Kill all of panel 3. Or switch kids and Earl and then kill 3. V
6 - BFJ -
6This'd be +1 for a more child-like 3.
6Use Vince, better Nobody 3#.--HW
5kid's three doesn't click for me. Shame, because Earl three is great
5Could have a better 3. --TRT
5He's not even looking at them. That's what's cool. --VX
5Nobody three isn't very clear. I agree that Vince would have been better
5kids lines are awkward. Like earl, even if I don't see him that way -cm
4seems out of character -FV
4Kids' 3 is terrible; just knocks the funny right out of the strip. -PB
3Vince could pull this comic off. Terrible tag.

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