RED MEAT I'll Procrastinate Later from the secret files of max cannon
Ted, what are you doing?
I'm relaxing and doing my yogurt.
You mean yoga.
Nope. I'm standing, waist deep in the bathtub in 30 gallons of blueberry yogurt.
Isn't that an incredible waste of good yogurt?
You're right, honey. Why don't you and the boy come here and bring a couple of spoons. I'll add some toe jam for flavor.
2003-10-08 17:23:23By Preloggy

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8That's Our Ted--HW
8loses 1 on reread. Could still score 10 with a better 3
8And it's time for two hundred and forty dollars worth of pudding. Aw yeah.
7Meaty strip, trite tag
7Wouldn't she see he was standing in yoghurt in panel 1? +1 for tag ~Anto~
7+1 for sharper Ted 3. +1 anyway for the mental image.
7Either Ted's a midget or they have one freaky-ass deep tub. -- THM
630gallons is a bit excessive but nice idea (CB)
6As long as he doesn't "whip some yogurt up" - BFJ -
6Good start, but needs a better Ted #3 - CH
6You had an 8 until "toe jam." Otherwise, it's really meaty.
6Ted 3 is uninspired, but I like the rest. -PB
6Want some naval jelly to go with that toe jam? -cf
5Brilliant concept, Max-worthy #2... but Ted's clincher could be a lot better.-DG
5Why does he need to explain it if she can readily see it?
5random and weird, but not hugely funny -bbg
5The very last line kills it. Cut it or replace it and this is good.
5Yeah, toe jam kinda ruined it for me too.
5waist deep and he is just now adding toe jam? and only toe-jam? -cm
5"Toe jam" killed it for me - too grade 5 -- jnc
5Falters in 3
5Bleah! And it seems like Kellog Allbran ("The Profit") died this way. --John
5Maybe if it was dingleberry flavor.
4As a "Ted in the bathtub" joke, it doesn't work. "Toe jam" really kills it.
4If there's toe jam in the yogurt, then all we need is Earl. --VX
4Ted's last sentence kinda ruins it. -FV
4No plausible scenario where wife 2 works. Ted's last sentence should go too.

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