RED MEAT my precious scores! they're melting! they're melting! from the secret files of max cannon
*BZZT!* What is the windshield?
Actually, Dan, the correct question is a cat always lands on its FEET.
Not when you toss it off a highway overpass just as its owner is passing beneath you, Alex.
You're a horrifying contestant, Milkman Dan.
Hi, Karen! Hi, Matt! Hi, Ted!
2003-08-08 10:13:58DELETEDBy Pete B

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10I love the SNL celebrity Jeopardys. Thank you for the smile. Afg.
6Good stuff but needs a better MMD #3. Preloggy
6With a bit more work, this idea is comedy gold.
5Good idea, but it's a little clunky. V
5+1 because of it is a new/interesting idea -cm
4I forget how it ends, but your mother's a whore! --VX
3You just knew this would tank didn't you?

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